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Windows 2003 Server drive expansion

When Windows XP users and Windows Server 2003 users have used their original system for a period of time, they often meet such a kind of problem, namely the operating system pops up a warning dialogue box reading Low Disk Space. That is to say their system partition is out of space.

At this time, we should take actions as soon as possible, because Low Disk Space will lead to many problems. Let's take Windows 2003 Server Low Disk Space as an example. Problems are as follows: operating system runs much slowly; application programs and Windows updates can not be installed; more heavily, operating system may crash.
Well then, what should we do when we meet these problems? Reinstalling operating system? Actually, it is not a good method, because we may lose data after finishing installation. Is there a good and reliable method for extending the system partition without losing data? It is, of course, yes. partition manager Server is such an excellent software among which MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is an outstanding performer. By using this partition manager Server, we just need to click corresponding function bottoms and drag the partition handle without deleting, formatting or rebuilding. Next, let's take Windows 2003 Server drive expansion as an example.

Use partition manager Server to expand Windows 2003 Server drive
MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is an omnipotent partition manager Server. Owning it, we can manage our partitions better, because it has so many functions, such as copy partitions, format partitions, merge partitions, resize partitions, delete partitions, change cluster size, and create partitions. Most importantly, this partition manager Server has the unique Enhanced Data Protection function which can help us accomplish Windows 2003 Server drive expansion successfully without losing data. Besides, if our boot partition is NTFS partition, we need not reboot the computer.

Expand Windows 2003 Server drive with partition manager server
As we know FAT and NTFS are two commonly used file systems. However, operations on these two kinds of partitions are almost the same. The only difference is that we need reboot the computer after finishing expansion if our partition is FAT partition while NTFS partition need not. Moreover, all operations will be listed in the "Operations Pending", which is easy for us to cancel inappropriate operations. If we want to realize final operations, we need to click "Apply". Next, let's see how to realize Windows 2003 Server drive expansion with MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.

How to expand Windows 2003 Server drive with MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition
At first, we need to open this partition manager Server, and then we can see partition attributes.

In the above interface, we left click the partition needed shrinking, and then select "Move/Resize" function button in the tool bar or in the "Operations" column.

Next, we drag the left triangle rightwards to acquire unallocated space.

From this interface, we can see there appears unallocated space. Then, we right click the system partition and select "Move/Resize" in the shortcut menu.

Here, we drag the right triangle rightwards to include the unallocated space.

At last, we click "Apply" to perform the final operation.
Thus, we have accomplished Windows 2003 Server drive expansion with the outstanding partition manager server.


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