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Server 2003 partition expansion without losing data and rebooting

How can we realize Server 2003 partition expansion easily?
Many Server 2003 users may ask the same question that can your software help us extend Server 2003 system partition easily since Server 2003 built-in disk management tool does not support extending system partition. The answer is absolutely yes. With our Server partition manager, you can expand Server 2003 system partition easily without losing data or rebooting the system if the system partition is NTFS partition.

Data protection in the process of Server 2003 system partition expansion
We can not deny the best method for expanding Server 2003 system partition is to extend system partition with Server partition manager. However, which Server partition manager should we choose among so much partition management software? It is worth noting that we should consider data safety when selecting Server partition manager. MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition has the functions of the unique Enhanced Data Protection, Copy Wizard, Partition Recovery Wizard, Resize Partition, Create Partition, and Merge Partition, so you can use it to expand Server 2003 system partition without considering data safety.

Why should we expand Server 2003 system partition?
In order to save space, many users choose to appoint little space for the system partition. Besides, application programs, Windows updates, and temporary files will take up the free space at a high speed even if your system partition has big capacity. When the system partition is out of space, the operating system will prompt our computers run in Low Disk Space. That is to say no application programs and windows updates can be installed and our computers will run disorderly. Seriously, the operating system may crash. At this time, we should take measures to get enough free space in time. Many users try deleting some files, application programs and other things to get free space, but they find this method is not effective and the alert Low Disk Space will appear again in short time.
In fact, the best method for Server 2003 system partition expansion is to use Server partition manager. At this time, you can ask MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition for help. It is an excellent Server partition manager which can ensure data safety during the Server 2003 system partition expansion. We only need to shrink one partition to expand the Server 2003 system partition with unallocated space. If our system partition is NTFS partition, we do not need to reboot the computer after finishing expansion. Well then, how to expand Server 2003 system partition with this Server partition manager on earth?

Detailed steps to expand Server 2003 system partition with server partition manager
First, open this Server partition manager.

Next, right click the partition neighboring to the system partition, and then select "Move/Resize".

Next, drag the left triangle rightwards to get unallocated space used to expand the system partition in the above interface,

Then, right click the system partition and select "Move/Resize".

Next, drag the right triangle rightwards to hold the unallocated space.

At last, click "Apply" to perform all final operations.
The above operations prove using Server partition manager MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition to realize Server 2003 partition expansion is so easy. Hurry to download it.


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