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MiniTool Partition Wizard Server 8

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Resize Partition

Resize partitions easily and safely with partition manager Server 2008

We know when system partition is out of space, the computer will run abnormally. At this time, I believe everyone is eager to solve this problem. Naturally, we will think about extending system partition. However, as is well known Windows built-in partition management tool does not offer system partition extension function. Without any third-party partition management software, larger system partition can be got only by deleting all partitions to recreate a new system partition or reinstall the system to reallocate system partition size. It is so complicated and time-consuming. Do you want to find out an easy and safe method for solving this problem? If you want, please go on reading this article. Before introducing my solution, I want to talk about partition manager which is helpful for you to understand my method.
partition manager is the first partition management software developed by PowerQuest Corporation and then acquired by Symantec in 2003. However, in 2009, Symantec stopped selling partition manager. Although partition manager does not have news editions since 2003, it is so well known that its name becomes the proper name of partition management software. Even to this day, many users try looking for Windows Server 2008 partition manager to help them resize system partition. As a matter of fact, the last Server Magic, the Server edition of partition manager, only can support Server 2000 and its former Server operating systems. That is to say Server Magic does not support Server 2008. Well then, is there an alternative for partition manager Server 2008? The answer is positive. Next, let's talk about the alternative for partition manager Server 2008.

Alternative for partition manager Server 2008
Among so much partition manager Server, MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition is an outstanding performer. It can be compatible with all Windows Server operating systems, let alone Server 2008. Furthermore, it has other powerful functions, such as resize partitions even system partition, recover damaged partitions, move partitions, format partitions, wipe partitions, and delete partitions.
Next, let's take system partition extension of Server 2008 as an example. Only by dragging the partition handle and click the functional buttons can system partition extension of Server 2008 be realized. Adding the unique Enhanced Data Protection technology and humanized design "Apply", Server 2008 users can use it to realize system extension easily and safely.

How to realize system partition extension of Server 2008 with partition manager Server 2008
First, open this partition manager server.

In the above interface, we right click the partition needed shrinking, and then select "Move/Resize".

Here, we drag the left border rightwards to get unallocated space, and then click "OK" to enter the next interface.

In the above interface, we can see desired unallocated space. Then, we left click the system partition and select "Move/Resize" in the tool bar or "Operations" zone.

Next, we drag the right border rightwards to include the unallocated space, and then click "OK" to enter the last interface of the partition manager Server.

At last, we click "Apply" to realize all operations.

Note: all partition properties will not change before we click "Apply", and all operations we did before are listed in the "Operations Pending". If you are unsure of your operations or you think some operations are wrong, you can cancel or correct them.


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