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Resize Partition

Realize system partition extension under Server 2008 without data loss

When we have run Windows Server 2008 for a period of time, the operating system will alert that the disk is under Low Disk Space, just like the following dialogue box.

This alert only appears when the hard drive is badly in need of space. Low disk space will result in many problems. Here, we take Windows Server 2008 as an example. Problems resulted from Windows 2008 Server Low Disk Space are as follows:
1. Operating system runs slowly.
2. Operating system may crash if it is badly in need of free space.
3. No applications and updates can be installed.
If this alert appears, that is to say, we should extend Server 2008 system partition as soon as possible. Is there a way to realize this function? The answer is, of course, yes.

Extend Server 2008 system partition with the help of Disk Management
Windows Server 2008 built-in Disk management tool is not a good utility to extend the Server 2008 system partition although Microsoft adds the Shrink and Extend function to it, because it has many defects:
1. Only when unallocated space is behind the system partition can we extend the system partition.
2. We only can get a little space no matter how much free space the shrunk partition has.
Extend Server 2008 system partition with the help of the partition manager Server called MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition.
This partition manager Server can break through the above limitation. Besides, it is much easier to operate. Only by dragging the partition handle can we get unallocated space to realize system partition extension under Server 2008 without deleting, formatting, or reinstalling.

Protect data security in the process of extending
When we extend Server 2008 system partition, we should pay much attention to data safety and stability. That is because important and commonly used files are always stored in the Server, and even a slight error may result in data loss and system failure. MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition takes data safety into consideration. With the unique Enhanced Data Protection function, adding Copy Partition Wizard, Copy Disk Wizard, and Partition Recovery Wizard, we can use this partition manager server reliably.
Well then, how do we realize system partition extension under Server 2008 without losing data? Later, I will introduce steps to extend Server 2008 system partition without performing deletion and reformat.
This partition manager server has a humanized design, namely all operations will be listed on "Operations Pending" in the right action panel before we click "Apply". We can review our operations through this function. Furthermore, if our system partition is NTFS partition, we don't need to reboot the system.


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