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Resize Partition

Repartition Server 2003 hard disk drive with partition manager Server

Some people may ask why we should repartition Windows 2003 Server hard disk drive or how to repartition Windows 2003 Server hard disk drive. Next, I will answer these two questions one by one.
As we know we should unceasingly install Windows updates and application programs into Server 2003 system partition to ensure normal running while Server partition size has been designated when we install Server 2003. That is to say the system partition space of Windows 2003 Server will become less and less, till out of space. At this time, we need to repartition Server 2003 hard disk drive. If not, we can not install any update and application, and the system even crash. Well then, how to repartition Server 2003? Today, I recommend an easy, safe, and fast method, namely using partition manager Server, because other methods may lead to data loss, such as merge the system with another partition or reassign partition size by reinstalling Server 2003. partition manager Server is the proper name of Server partition management software. However, there is so much partition manager Server 2003 in the market. Which one should we choose after all? Here I suggest using MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition, because it has so many advantages, such as super data protection technology, powerful and multiple functions, strong compatibility, humanized design, and friendly interfaces. Next, let's talk about some advantages:
Data protection: This function can ensure almost 100% data safety in the process of resizing. Besides, its data destruction function can avoid data leakage.
Powerful and multiple functions: With this partition manager Server, we can resize partitions especially system partition (if we resize NTFS partition, we need not reboot the system after accomplishing resizing.), merge partitions, copy partitions, delete partitions, wipe partitions, format partitions, convert file system, convert dynamic disk to basic disk, change cluster size, and so on.
Compatibility: MiniTool Partition Wizard Server Edition supports Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and some SBS operating systems.
User-friendly interface: every interface offers us detailed prompts, and even green hand can operate it successfully as long as he operates it according to the prompts.
Humanized design: before we click "Apply" functional button, we can preview our former operations in "Operations Pending". If we are unsure of our operations or operate mistakenly, we can click "Undo" to cancel these operations.
Except for the above advantages, it also has many other advantages, such as satisfying after-sale service and competitive price. With this partition manager Server, we can repartition Windows Server 2003 hard disk drive easily, safely, and successfully. Next, let me show how to repartition Windows Server 2003 hard disk drive with partition manager Server 2003.

Repartition Windows 2003 Server hard disk drive without data loss
First, launch partition manager Server 2003 to activate the following interface.

Next, click the partition which needs shrinking, and then select "Move/Resize" in the tool bar.

Then, drag the left triangle rightwards to get unallocated space, and then click "OK".

Right click the system partition and select "Move/Resize".

Then, drag the right border rightwards to hold the unallocated space. With clicking "OK" functional button, we enter the following interface.

Finally, click "Apply" to accomplish all operations.

After watching above demonstrations, I believe you are confident about accomplishing Server 2003 partition expansion, and it also can help you realize other Server 2003 partition management easily and safely. Besides, Server 2000, and 2008 are also compatible with it. Hurry to download it to help you repartition Server 2003 hard disk drive.


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