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"Best Partition Manager out there" by hockemoto
have used this program to resize, create, delete, format and even once, rebuild the MBR. This was across 4 large drives of different makes on 11 different partitions. All this was done rather quickly, without any data loss.

Windows server 2003 convert dynamic disk back to basic

A few things happened to my computer, and then my one of my basic disks became a dynamic being broken up into 4 different volumes. I would like to change it back to a single basic disk without losing any data. Is there any effective way to convert dynamic disk back to basic on Windows Server 2003?

Dynamic Disks and Basic Disks

Compared with basic disks, dynamic disks cover lots of merits such as:
1. Dynamic disks support an unlimited number (up to 2000) of volumes, while basic disks can have at most 128 GPT primary partitions, or 4 MBR primary partitions or 3 MBR primary partitions and 1 extended partition with up to 128 logical volumes in the extended partition.
2. A dynamic disk can contain simple volumes, spanned volumes, striped volumes, mirrored volumes, and RAID-5 volumes, while basic disks cannot share or split data with other primary or logical partitions, or basic disks. Each partition on a basic disk is treated as if it was a separate hard disk on the basic disk.
Although dynamic disks are superior to basic disks, there are still situations where it is necessary to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk. In such cases, how to fulfill the operation?

Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Conversion Solutions

There are various ways to perform conversion including using the Disk Management, Diskpart and third-party server partition software.
1. Using the Disk Management
Note: Users are supposed to back up all significant data in the dynamic disk which needs to be converted before operation.
The step-by-step instructions on converting dynamic disk to basic disk are demonstrated as follows:
Step 1: Click under Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management to open the tool.
Step 2: Right click each volume on target dynamic disk, and then execute volume deletion via clicking Delete Volume feature from pop-up window.
Step 3: After deleting all volumes on the disk to be converted, right click the disk and click Convert to Basic Disk from pop-up window.
2. Using Diskpart
Note: Backing up vital disk data is always suggested.
Then, users can follow the steps to perform dynamic disk to basic disk conversion:
Step 1. Click Start > Run, and then enter “cmd” to open Command Prompt tool.
Step 2. Type “diskpart” command.
Step 3. Enter “list disk” to list all recognized disks in computer.
Step 4. Select target dynamic disk here.
Step 5. Enter “detail disk” to present all volumes in target disk.
Step 6. Enter select volume n (n represents the volume to be managed)
Step 7. Enter “delete volume” to delete all volumes in the chosen dynamic disk.
Step 8. After deleting all volumes, type “convert basic” to execute conversion operation.
Step 9. Type “exit” to end the whole operation.
As users can see, the two ways to convert dynamic disk to basic are not the best, so we advise users try the third one – resorting to server partition magic, and the powerful MiniTool Partition Wizard is strongly recommended for users.
3. Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to convert disk
Launch the software to opens its main interface and take the following steps:
Main-interface-of-MiniTool- Partition-Wizard
Step 1. Choose the dynamic disk to be converted in mapping area and click “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic” from “Operations” area.
Step 2. Here, users can see the chosen dynamic disk has been converted to basic disk. Since it is only preview effect, users need to click “Apply” button to make confirmation.
The process to convert Windows Server 2003 dynamic disk back to basic is done within two steps. If users also need the operation, hurry to download MiniTool Partition Wizard.

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