Magic partition software for Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Server 10

  • Magic Server Partition Manager for Window Server Administrator
  • Maximize Disk Usage Space of Windows Server OS
  • Minimizing Downtime while Solving Low Disk Space Problem on System Partition
Support OS: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and Windows PC OS 32 bit and 64 bit

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User Reviews

"Best Partition Manager out there" by hockemoto
have used this program to resize, create, delete, format and even once, rebuild the MBR. This was across 4 large drives of different makes on 11 different partitions. All this was done rather quickly, without any data loss.

Partition magic server bootable CD

Introduction to Bootable CD

Bootable CD belonging to Emergency Startup Disc is a kind of removable digital data storage medium, with which users are capable of figuring out the exact factors causing the detected errors, rebooting current operating system or application program and reinstalling operating systems into computer hard drive. Moreover, some anti-virus products such as KILL and KV3000 also allow users to create Emergency Startup Disc, providing that certain operating system is infected by computer viruses.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD

Professional server partition magic bootable CD – MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows users to boot the failed computer directly into the partition management software so as to manage partitions. Well then, main features of the software are introduced:
1. Multifunctionality: Exquisitely developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd., MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD provides users with multiple functions including “Format Partition“, “Delete Partition“, “Extend Partition“, “Merge Partition“, “Split Partition“, “Copy Partition“, “Align Partition” and “Set Inactive“.
2. Wide compatibility: The software can run excellently under nearly all commonly seen Windows operating systems including Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. Besides, it supports varying file systems including FAT12/16/32 and NTFS.
Users who tend to manage partition after computer crashes just need to download the image file of MiniTool Partition Wizard Boot CD at MiniTool Partition Wizard Download Center, and then burn the file to CD. For the sake of users’ further understanding, the main interface of Bootable CD edition of the software is given as follows:
As presented, the main interface of partition magic server bootable CD consists of several parts including: menu bar on the top, toolbar where some commonly used partition management functions are listed out, left action panel, disk mapping area and legend bar at the bottom. To perform partition management, users just need to choose the needed function from “Operations” area, and then operate under the guidance of the software.
If users do need to manage partition without operating system, restore partition after partition table is damaged or computer fails to boot, restore deleted partition or rebuild MBR, hurry to download the MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD. It is believed that the software will never let users down. For more detailed information about the software, users can visit its official website.

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