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Install Windows 7 on Dynamic Disk

Fail to Install Windows 7 on Dynamic Disk

Do you have such an experience: while installing Windows 7 on dynamic disk, there is a failure, and one error message reports “Windows cannot be installed on this hard disk space. The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation”.

What is the reason? As a matter of fact, this problem is caused by the unsupported operating system for the dynamic disk. To be specific, only Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional/Enterprise can be installed on dynamic disk. But Windows 7 Home/Premium and Starter don’t support dynamic disk. What’s more, all Windows home editions and some old operating systems including MS-DOS, Windows 98/95, Windows Me and Windows NT are not allowed to install on dynamic disk.
Well then, how to install OS in dynamic partition? Is it possible to fix this issue when Windows cannot be installed on dynamic disk? Of course. To convert dynamic disk to basic disk should be a good choice.

How to Fix Unable to Install Windows 7 on Dynamic Disk

As to the conversion from dynamic disk to basic disk, three solutions are offered here.

① Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Using CMD

1. Click “Start” to input “diskpart” in the search box and then open this command line tool.
2. Type some commands one after another:
list disk
select disk n: n is the disk number of dynamic disk
detail disk
select volume n:
n is volume number
delete volume: Ensure all volumes are deleted.
convert basic


②Change Dynamic to Basic Disk Using Windows 7 Disk Management

Windows 7 Disk Management is also used to manage the disk and partition, for instance, delete volume, create/shrink/extend volume, convert an empty dynamic disk to basic and more. Likewise, this free tool also requires you to delete all dynamic volumes and then “Convert to Basic Disk” is available.
Simply speaking, these two tools are limited to change the disk to basic since they require to delete all dynamic volumes, leading to severe data loss. Then, how to convert dynamic disk to basic disk in Windows 7 without losing data? Without doubt, many of you are looking for the answer to this question.

③Convert to Basic without Data Loss Using MiniTool Partition Wizard

Here it is worth mentioning MiniTool Partition Wizard. By means of its Professional Edition or an advanced edition, you can manage dynamic volume and disk well, such as resize/shrink/extend/format dynamic volume, convert dynamic disk to basic safely and so forth. Just get this professional dynamic disk converter and begin the conversion.
Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition. Select the dynamic disk to click “Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic”.

Step 2: Press “Apply” to perform dynamic disk conversion. Then you can install Windows 7 on this disk.



After reading this article, you know how to fix unable to install Windows 7 on dynamic disk issue by disk conversion with three tools. By contrast, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is your wise option. Just get it for a try.
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