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"Best Partition Manager out there" by hockemoto
have used this program to resize, create, delete, format and even once, rebuild the MBR. This was across 4 large drives of different makes on 11 different partitions. All this was done rather quickly, without any data loss.

Diskpart Has Encountered an Error Access Is Denied

Diskpart Has Encountered an Error Access Is Denied Issue

As is well known, diskpart refers to a text-mode command interpreter which can be utilized to manage your disk, partition or volume by using the scripts. If you want to erase all the disk data, diskpart is a good choice for you. Besides, to use diskpart can also a way to quick format a drive. However, when doing these two operations, it is a possibility that you experience an error, reporting “Diskpart has encountered an error: Access is denied. See the System Event Log for more information”, as shown below.

Then, what can lead to this error? To be specific, this is becasue the device you want to clean or format is recognized to be blocked, for example, write-protected; or you haven’t been authorized to run the command tool. Thus, these two commands can’t be completed properly. Well then, is there any effortless way to solve the diskpart clean error or diskpart format quick access denied issue? Sure. The solutions are here.

How to Fix Diskpart Access Denied Error

Generally speaking, three ways will be displayed here to fix your issue when failing to format or clean a USB drive & SD card or others.

Run Command Prompt as Admin

According to the above content, you know one factor of diskpart has encountered an error access is denied issue is the authority. Hence, we suggest running Command Prompt as an administrator.
1. In Windows 10/8/7, type “cmd” in the search box.
2. Right click on the tool to choose “Run as administrator”.
3. If UAC (User Account Control) appears, please confirm the action.
Then, try to clean or quick format your device with diskpart again to see if access is denied error disappears.

Remove Write Protection on Your Disk

If your disk is in write-protected status, diskpart will fail to format or clean it. How can you remove write protection?
1. Please run Registry Editor by inputting “regedit” in the search box after clicking “Start” button.
2. Navigate to:
3. Change the value of “WriteProtect” to 0.


Format Your Device by MiniTool Partition Wizard

For the ordinary computer users, diskpart is not a good choice to format a disk. Once diskpart issues, for example, diskpart access denied error happens, you will be distraught. Therefore, you can find a diskpart alternative to manage your disk. Luckily, MiniTool Partition Wizard is such an ideal tool which offers you many reliable features.
Step 1: Please download MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition. In the main interface, choose “Format Partition” from “Partition Management” menu.

Step 2: Select one file system from the pop-out window.

Step 3: Execute this formatting operation by hitting “Apply”.
As to cleanning all the data on the disk, “Wipe Disk” is a good way.


By trying the above ways according to the actual situation, hope you can easily solve diskpart has encountered an error access is denied error.

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