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Support OS: Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and Windows PC OS 32 bit and 64 bit

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"Best Partition Manager out there" by hockemoto
have used this program to resize, create, delete, format and even once, rebuild the MBR. This was across 4 large drives of different makes on 11 different partitions. All this was done rather quickly, without any data loss.

Can’t Read from the Source File or Disk

Help! Can’t Read from the Source File or Disk

Q: “Windows 7: Can’t read from the source file or disk.
I get this problem in few of my files in hard disk, which is Disk D, first one is Disk C, any1 have cure for this, at first I only have this error in 1 file, now in 3 files, but these files are working perfectly, just cant copy paste.”

In fact, many computer users have reported that they have received “Can’t read from the source file or disk”. Just like the figure as shown below:

Usually, this issue happens to an external hard drive, a USB flash drive or an SD card. When copying files from the device, you fail to meet this issue. What are the reasons? To be specific, it may be caused by bad sectors, system error, file size and more. Don’t be annoyed by this error. Follow the offered two solutions below now.

Can’t Read from the Source File or Disk Solution


Solution 1: Check Hard Drive for Errors

Actually, the bad sector is the main factor of this error. Thus, the first thing you should do is to check the bad sectors and shield them. In order to do check whether your disk partition has the bad blocks, you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard “Surface Test”. Just download this free partition manager, and then right click on the target partition and click this feature. After a few minutes, MiniTool Partition Wizard will mark the bad sector as red.

If you find there are many bad sectors on your disk partition, what should you do to shield them? “chkdsk n: /r” (N means the partition letter) command is useful here. Then, you can solve can’t read from the source file or disk while copying from external hard drive issue.

Solution 2: Recover Data from the Partition with This Issue and Format It

If solution 1 cannot help you out, you can choose to recover data from the disk partition. Here, a popular application with the powerful features can get data back from the damaged partition. Then, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is available for data recovery in Windows 10/8/7. Download this free data recovery software, run it and choose Damaged Partition Recovery for this job.

Then, after completing data recovery, you can choose to format the partition. Windows Disk Management is suitable here.
Up to now, all solutions to fix can’t move files using Windows Explorer issue are shown here. When searching the topic online, you will find there is one article which also shows you the detailed ways, just refer to it – How to Remove: Can’t Read from the Source File or Disk Error.

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